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Monday, September 3, 2018

The Future of Cars - Drops Today - Kindle Book, Coming Audible and Print Versions

The Future of Cars

The Technology is in Beta Testing (working out the bugs) of Driver-Less Cars from Google, Amazon, Uber and many others.  Driver-Less cars will prevent us from crashing into each other at the ever increasing rate we're experiencing now.

In 2029, it is predicted that Computers will become as intelligent or more intelligent as the Human Brain.  When that happens, we will have the basis for the Autonomous or Driver-Less Government.  Be Prepared - It's COMING - like it or not!

Think about it - Better Solutions to problems and more of them without all the cult of personality.  Just logical thinking to rule our planet.

We cover the Future of Cars, the future of food, the future of education, the future of jobs, the future of Government, the future of humanity, in short, the future of just about everything. 

IF we can build cars that prevent crashing into each other - we can build a government that will prevent laws that crash up against logic and the benefit of the large majority of people and also sustain the planet.

This book explains it all - you must read it and pass it on.

The ideas in this book were aided by the current state of Artificial Intelligence and is the first book of its kind.  

AND IF you are an Uber or Lyft Driver - You need to know how to REPLACE the income you will lose when the Robot cars come along and they no longer require your services - - 

The future of cars takes the reader on a trip into the near and very distant future of Mankind.  It is not only the future of cars and trucks and other forms of transportation.  It is also about the future of everything including the Future of Education, the Future of Jobs, the Future of Love and the Future of Government as well as the overall future of human civilization.  This book is a must read for anyone who can appreciate the current predicament that we are in as a human race and who wishes to participate in the only sane way out of that predicament.  The technology that we possess today is set to either destroy us or save us.  The choice is ours to make.  Step one in making the right choice?  Downloading this book.  Step Two:  Telling the world about it.

We begin with the Future of Cars because the American economy and later the world economy would be decided by these monster machines that dominate the landscape.  Next, we talk about the future of Education, because our present system of growing great citizens in just a few short years is failing us and it must be replaced and soon.  We have the solution.  Next we talk about the future of jobs because, based on our educational system failure, we are not producing enough of the jobs that most people need to support their families and live the American Dream.  We have the solution.  Next, we talk about the future of Love, because love and especially love-making is what brought so many of us kicking and screaming into our present situation of living on a planet that cannot sustain us all under our present systems.  We have the solution.  Next, we talk about the future of Government because we are trying to force a system of rules and regulations that were installed centuries ago and are not fitted out to work under our current technological advances.  We have the solution. 
We are now beginning to use driver-less cars, otherwise known as Autonomous vehicles.  Soon, it will become obvious to most of us that we can also use this same Artificial Intelligence programming that will prevent us from crashing into each other for Autonomous Government that will prevent the entire world from crashing in on itself.  We have the solutions.

The New York Times has a list of the best-selling books in America.  This book is not on that list yet, but with your help, it could be there soon and thereupon soon accepted by the vast numbers of readers that we will need to save the planet.  If we don't all pitch in to help save the planet and to get this book on the New York Times Bestsellers list, we're all doomed to be reading books by celebrities and notables who are just rehashing the same worn out cliches and nothing will change for the better.  It will only get worse.  The ideas in this book are completely original human thought and there is nothing more crucial in the world today than the increased supply of original human thought that solves problems.   The ideas herein must be supported by readers who want to enter into the realm of invention, innovation and the most preferred gateway into the future. 

Cars without drivers, classrooms without teachers, jobs without robots, love without population explosion, and government without the tyrants of the left or the right.  What's next?  Utopia?  There is only one way to see into the future and this book, partially written by an artificial intelligence and the other part authored by one of the greatest science minds today, is one way of looking at it.  Very quick read.  You will be stunned, mind blown and you will never forget the experience.  The Future is ours.  It belongs to anyone willing to seize it.  We've all learned how to seize the day.  Now, it's time to seize the Future and guide it onto a safe platform where we all get on together and ride it all the way to our true destiny. 

From the Author of - The God Particle Bible, The Origin of Creation, Maxtricity - The Science of Entangled Electrons, Can Electrons Learn?, The 4 States of Consciousness, The Flux Antenna, The Doomsday Watch,  Metamorphosis - #AICocoon, One Crazy Bastard Saves The World, Anti-Matter and more.
The Future of Cars is the first book written with the help of an Artifiical Intelligence.  It is the results of millions of years of evolution of the brain and contains some of the most shocking predictions and solutions that have ever been conceived.  Siri, Cortana and Alexa all suggest that it is worth your time.

IF you're STILL unconvinced - Try the BOOK that INSPIRED THIS ONE

My Previous Work - Science Fiction


In the past, we would say that our lives hit a . . .  

"Streak of Bad Luck"  

or "Karma's a Bitch" or

"Money is the root of all Evil."

Actually it's none of these things - It's ANTI-MATTER that blows a chill through our lives.


The Interface between our humanity and the New World Order



Think about this for a minute.  Have any Humans done an acceptable job of leading the rest of the world?

IN my humble opinion - there have been ZERO to NONE and therefore maybe it's time to try something else.  

Let's try something that is humanity's best advanced technology and program it to do what we - as a people, as a planet - need to get done every day.  Our survival may depend on it.


The Future of Cars - Drops Today - Kindle Book, Coming Audible and Print Versions

The Future of Cars Get the KINDLE Version Here PRINT VERSION HERE AUDIBLE VERSION - HERE The Technology is in Beta Testi...